Makerere University

In Uganda, the PBL challenges are organised by Makerere’s CEDAT college and Aalto’s Sustainable Global Technologies studio course

2018 - 2019 | Kampala

Team AhaMak and Wet Technik

Students worked on two challenges; contributing to co-creation culture at Makerere University by Fostering the students’ capacities to develop their innovations, and providing solutions to waste water treatment on campus.

Team: Aalto University students of Creative Sustainability, Water and Environmental Engineering, and Computer Science. Makerere University students of engineering.
Proposal(s): AhaMak (Aalto) and Wet Technik (Makerere) projects. Read more from Aalto students’ website and Instagram. Wet Technik among the winners of Wege Prize 2019.
Client: Makerere Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (MakEIC).

2017 - 2018 | Kampala

Up-plastic Kampala

To up cycle plastic waste by creating a recycling workspace and student community at Makerere University.

Team: 6 Makerere and 5 Aalto students from construction management, creative sustainability, design and civil, water and environmental engineering majors.
Proposal(s): The Up-Plastic Kampala project. Read more from the students’ website and Instagram, as well as the Aalto team’s full report.
Client: Challenge topic provided by the Makerere student team based on on a pitching competition.