University of Dar es Salaam

In Tanzania, the PBL challenges are organised by UDSM’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre and Aalto’s Creative Sustainability Capstone and Digital Services for Sustainability courses

2018 - 2019 | Dar es Salaam

Liike ry - Physical Education

Improving physical education, especially girl’s inclusion, in Tanzania.

Team: University of Dar es Salaam students of business and Aalto University students of Computer Science and Creative Sustainability.
Proposal(s): Mobile application & toolkit for Tanzanian physical education teachers to help them to better create sport equipments from the materials they have in their schools. Read more from the final report.
Client: Sports and Development Liike ry.

2017 - 2018 | Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Meteorological Institution

Coming up with innovation mechanisms for enhancing uptake and utilization of climate information by Tanzanian smallholder farmers, in order to enhance climate resilience of agriculture

Team: 5 UDSM and 5 Aalto students from business and finance, information technology, climate change and meteorology majors.
Proposal(s): Read more from the final report.
Client: Tanzania Meteorological Institution.