PBL Africa Network

Promoting Problem-Based Learning at Higher Education Institutions in Africa

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is education centered on real-world situation where learning seeks to support the integration of practical User Centered Design and Human Centered Design Thinking into academic programs in the education sector.

Problem-Based Learning works well with all students, making its strategies ideal for heterogenous classrooms where students with mixed abilities can pool their talents collaboratively to invent a solution. By allowing students to direct their own activities and by giving them greater responsibilities, teachers show them how to challenge themselves and learn on their own.

About The Network

PBL Africa Network is a member-based body that brings together faculty, students and other interested partners to work on sustainable innovations through multidisciplinary Problem-Based Learning.
The network aims to promote educational forums, training and certification for teachers, mentors and students representing a wide variety of positions and knowledge on PBL in Africa. In addition, the PBL Africa Network works to develop and share relevant content, resources and courses. On an annual basis the network gathers for the PBL Africa Summit in a country of choice.

Our Coordinators

From the three primary members of the network - University of Nairobi, Makerere University and University of Dar es Salaam, PBL Africa has three coordinators overseeing the Network's operations and activities.

PBL Africa Initiatives

The Network's flagship initiatives.

PBL Summer Camp

  • An annual international PBL Summer Camp engaging multidisciplinary student teams and educators

Annual PBL Summit

  • An annual international PBL Summit that brings together regional and global PBL enthusiasts and champions

Prolific Resources

  • An extensive collection of mentorship material, PBL East Africa, projects that form a valuable library of resources

PBL Africa Members

Why Join The Network

PBL Africa offers a vast continental network of resources, partnerships, and opportunities for students, institutions, educators, problem-based learning enthusiasts, and other partners.